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Feb 09 2017

The Whisky Priests Reunion 2017

Following an 'unofficial' performance of The Whisky Priests at my 50th Birthday Party Celebration (with my twin brother Glenn), I am pleased to announce that a certain spark has been reunited and that the band will be reuniting for a series of offiicial live performances in 2017. 

In the meantime, check out the following photos, each featuring a recent reunion between ex-band members...


Glenn Miller, Michael Stephenson, Gary Miller


Paul Carless, Mick Tyas


Gary Miller, Mick Tyas

Michael Stephenson, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller


Mick Tyas, Gary Miller Pete French


Michael Stephenson, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller


Nick Thompson, Mick Tyas, Glenn Miller, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller, Michael Stephenson, Kevin Wilson

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Al Reiss, Dirty Linen, USA.