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Feb 25 2017

Gary Miller and Mick Tyas

I had a great afternoon today with my old musical partner in crime, the amazing Mick Tyas. We rehearsed a whole load of songs, including a host of Whisky Priests "classics" and obscurities, other back catalogue stuff, a few previously unrecorded songs, and other odds and sods that we just threw together on a whim - all with a view towards honing and expanding our repertoire for forthcoming Whisky Priests gigs in 2017 (more news on this coming soon) as well as potential material for acoustic duo shows (taking bookings now!!). Amidst all this mayhem, we even found time for an enjoyable little outdoor promotional photo shoot, during which we ran through an awkward first take of the old Whisky Priests chestnut 'William's Tale', with a camcorder set up on a tripod to capture it for posterity, false starts, warts and all! And here it is, "hot off the press" [N.B. - if we get a good response to the video, we may consider following it up with other songs, so please watch, like, comment, share, subscribe, etc]...

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“The feel of Gary Miller’s lyrics carry traditional sensibilities. His original lyrics are as appealing as the melodies to which they’re set.”
Al Reiss, Dirty Linen, USA.