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Feb 09 2017

The Whisky Priests New T-Shirt Design

In preparation for the upcoming Whisky Priests reunion, I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Whisky Priests T-Shirt design (with further new merchandise to follow in due course).

The new T-Shirt is available to buy direct from The Whisky Priests Bandcamp Merchandise Page.


The 'Out On The Town All Night With The Ranting Lads' T-shirt is available as a white print on black shirt, in a variety of sizes, and in a choice of Men's/Unisex ...


... or Women's style ...



To order the Men's/Unisex version, click here.


To order the Women's version, click here.

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Feb 09 2017

The Whisky Priests Reunion 2017

Following an 'unofficial' performance of The Whisky Priests at my 50th Birthday Party Celebration (with my twin brother Glenn), I am pleased to announce that a certain spark has been reunited and that the band will be reuniting for a series of offiicial live performances in 2017. 

In the meantime, check out the following photos, each featuring a recent reunion between ex-band members...


Glenn Miller, Michael Stephenson, Gary Miller


Paul Carless, Mick Tyas


Gary Miller, Mick Tyas

Michael Stephenson, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller


Mick Tyas, Gary Miller Pete French


Michael Stephenson, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller


Nick Thompson, Mick Tyas, Glenn Miller, Michael 'Sticks' Stoker, Gary Miller, Michael Stephenson, Kevin Wilson

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Feb 09 2017

The Whisky Priests YouTube Channel

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new Whisky Priests YouTube Channel at here

This channel has been established to be the definitive online repository for all archival and future video footage of the band. Selections from the archives will be uploaded on a regular basis and any future footage featuring the band will be uploaded as and when it is available. So, please take the time to 'Watch', 'Like' and 'Comment' on each video,'; Subscribe' to the Channel; and 'Share' to your online social network - "Thank you!" and enjoy...

The following clips are currently available (listed in chronological order - watch this space for further additions): - 

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Feb 09 2017

'Follow The Sun' Book Launch

On Friday 9th September 2016, I took part in the 'Follow The Sun' Book Launch at Dial Cottage, Killingworth, Tyne and Wear, England, promoting a book commemorating the 200th anniversary of George Stephenson's Sundial at his home, which is now a local heritage museum. 


Here I am outside Dial Cottage with the project's originators Pete Dixon and Dr. Keith Armstrong: -


I performed my song 'Hands And Mind', which was sepcially commissioned for the project, which I was honoured and delighted to be a part of...




The sun sent out its silent rays

To pierce the West Moor gloom

Where tireless hands worked round the clock

In a single lonely room


A mind sparked and a mighty shadow

Touched the Great Lime Road

To stretch along the eternal path

On which history’s dreamers strode


Spinning cogs and whirring gears

Turned that wondrous mind

To speed-filled dreams where water steams

Through the mighty hands of time


Those hands were soon put to the task

Of burying a wife and child

But if the cottage lacked a woman’s touch

That mind was not beguiled


With the pain of loss weighing heavy

The hands toiled harder still

The one-roomed house became a four-roomed home

While the mind refused to still


Spinning cogs and whirring gears

Turned that wondrous mind

To speed-filled dreams where water steams

Through the splintering cracks of time 


He took his son’s hands in his own

To birth a new sundial

On a block of wood the gnomon stood

Beneath a sun’s bright smile


Over a plaque to remind the world

From the cottage’s stone wall

What those hands and mind achieved and gave

For the benefit of all


Spinning cogs and whirring gears

Turned that wondrous mind

To speed-filled dreams where water steams

Through the drifting sands of time


Ambitious goals stirred and reeled

And spurred that glorious mind

To steam-fuelled schemes where invention streams

Throughout all space and time


(Gary Miller)


All the project performers/contributors, including myself (standing in the middle of the group directly beneath the Sundial) outside Dial Cottage immediately after the event: -


For further information about this worthy project, you could do worse than check out the wonderful Rachel Cochrane's amazing blog here

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Feb 09 2017

Gary Miller & Glenn Miller 50th Birthday Party Celebrations

Saturday 24th September 2016 marked the 50th Birthday of my twin brother Glenn and myself. To celebrate, we organised a celebratory party in the village where we were raised, at Sherburn Community Centre, Durham. As part of the celebrations, we reunited with several ex-members of our band The Whisky Priests, for the first time in many, many years, to perform a handful of songs from the band's extensive back catalogue, making this the first Whisky Priests live performance in 12 years. Here is a video compilation of performances on the night...

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“The feel of Gary Miller’s lyrics carry traditional sensibilities. His original lyrics are as appealing as the melodies to which they’re set.”
Al Reiss, Dirty Linen, USA.